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Playground Improvement Project (PIP)

About PIP

The Playground Improvement Project Group (PIP) for Portlethen Primary School was formed in January 2015 following identification of the need to develop our playground at Parent Partnership meetings.

The sole remit of the group is to raise funds to enhance the outside play area of the school with the vision of creating an effective and new learning environment.  This will enable greater application of the Curriculum of Excellence framework in addition to providing some much needed new community facilities.

The Robert Gordon University School of Architecture undertook the design project with third year students in partnership with the children to create the playground of their dreams.

The children have whole heartedly engaged in the consultation process and have been actively involved in fundraising.

As part of our strategy, the project will be completed in phases:

  • Phase one will be the installation of a Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA)
  • Phase two will be the installation of a trim trail and a sensory trail
  • Phase three will be a giant sand pit with equipment

The total costing of the project will be approximately £200,000.

If you can help with fundraising or wish to get in touch please email pipgroup@outlook.com.

The Project Team
Lead – Nicola Brownie
Deputy Leads – Ian Bruce, Terri Taylor, Judy Mathieson and Sandra McKechnie
Secretary – Terri Taylor
Treasurer – Judy Mathieson

Easy Ways to Help
Sign Up to / Access prior to making online purchases and the Playground Fund will receive a donation every time.  It doesn’t cost you anything more than what you’re already spending:

–     Easy Fundraising – www.easyfundraising.org.uk/portlethenprimary

–     Micro Scooters – www.micro-scooters.co.uk input code is 5251125

–     Yellow Moon – yellowmoon.org.uk (arts, crafts and party bags).  Input code is  POR32061

You can also:
–          Come to meetings
–          Email suggestions
–          Volunteer to help at events
–          Offer your skills
–          Let us know about any fundraising streams / grants / contacts
–          Carry out your own fundraising event and donate the proceeds to PIP


PIP Newsletter June 2015